Thursday, 23 June 2016

A few comments about the screening of 'Project Wild Thing' on Wednesday 22 June... 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the free screening of 'Project Wild Thing' last night. I loved this film, and it has already brought about some great positive change for me and my 3 year old son - it has inspired me to spend more time with him outdoors - even though it's Winter and I really really can't stand the cold!

While I was doing some research to create 'The Project Wild Thing 30 Day Challenge' (for parents in Perth, Western Austalia), I came across a great article titled 'There's No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes!' I realised how true this was and so last week I made a trip to the  'Wellington Surplus Store' in Perth.  I armed myself with thermal underwear, waterproof jackets and pants, warm jackets and gumboots (for both me and my son).  We're ready to go camping!

Here's the 30 day challenge I created... it's really just meant to give you some ideas and connect you to some great resources that are already available.  I can remember having some very spirited snail races when I was kid, holding leaves in front of the snails noses trying to get them to slide faster :) Happy playing!

The Project Wild Thing 30 Day Challenge

How many of these can you complete in the next 30 days?
Even if it’s just one… you’ll have lots of fun doing it J

1. Download the Wild Time App (great for some inspiration)
  - stage a snail race (search under ’30 minute’ activities)
     (you'll want to do this on your phone or tablet if you have one)

2. Visit Rio Tinto Naturescape Play Area at KingsPark (this place is AMAZING!)
    make a cubby in the cubby-building zone
    - or a mud pie at The Spring

3. Check out Nature Play WA (there are soooooo many ideas for things to do here)

 - get ‘Nature Play’ Passports for your kids
 - try a few things from the ‘WinterPlaylist’
 - download the list '51 Things to Do Before You're 12'
 - take your kids hiking (here are some easy day hikes for kids)

4. Visit a nature playground you’ve never been to before
Here are some well-known (and not so well-known), nearby (and one not so nearby) ones:
 - Braithwaite Park, Mt Hawthorn
 - Oxford St Reserve, Leederville
  - Variety Place, Kings Park
 - Russell Brown Adventure Park, Mosman Park  

5. Go camping for a night - you don’t have to go far!
 - Read this blog written by a busy non-camper's experience camping in the Perth Hills

Please share your experiences in the comments section below if you decide to take on this challenge, and don’t forget to let us know about any new ideas you have to share too! J


Friday, 13 May 2016

Movie Night

@ Foyer Oxford, 196 Oxford St, Leederville

Thanks to everyone who came and made our first movie night such a fantastic success!

We had a full house for the screening of 'The Economics of Happiness' on Wednesday 11 May.

Our next screening of ‘Symphony of the Soil’ - a film inspiring the understanding that treating the soil right can help solve some of our most pressing environmental problems (including climate change, dead zones, water scarcity and world hunger) - will be held at Foyer Oxford at 630pm on Wednesday 25 May 2016.

Book your free tickets through Eventbrite here.

Drawing from ancient knowledge and cutting edge science, Symphony of the Soil is an artistic exploration of the miraculous substance soil.  By understanding the elaborate relationships and mutuality between soil, water, the atmosphere, plants and animals, we come to appreciate the complex and dynamic nature of this precious resource.

The film also examines our human relationship with soil, the use and misuse of soil in agriculture, deforestation and development, and the latest scientific research on soil's key role in ameliorating the most challenging environmental issues of our time.

Filmed on four continents, featuring esteemed scientists and working farmes and ranchers, Symphony of the Soil is an intriguing presentation that highlights possibilities of healthy soil creating healthy plants creating healthy humans living on a healthy planet.

Event Details
Doors open at 630pm. Movie starts at 7pm. Running Time 103 minutes. 
Bring your own food and drinks, though strictly no alcohol. 
Join us for a discussion afterwards if you like!
Gold coin donation proceeds to go to the makers of the film.

For More Information
See the film's website:
Watch the film's trailer:

Don't forget to book your free tickets through Eventbrite!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

It’s a Wrap! Community Connect – Walk, Eat and Watch

Our Community Connect (Walk, Eat and Watch) event on Saturday 7th May 2016 was a fantastic success, and brought many members of our community together in the name of sustainability.

We teamed up with Jane’s Walk Perth to hold the Urban Sustainability Walk, which meandered around the streets of Mt Hawthorn in the late afternoon, taking a peek into the back and front yards of some of our members, calling on them to share their tips on sustainable urban living.

We had over 60 people on the walk, which was a brilliant turnout, given the wet and windy morning on Saturday, and the threatening rain-clouds in the afternoon.  There were lots of locals from around the City of Vincent, as well as a lady named Jules who was visiting from Victoria and decided to join in when she found out it was a Transition Town event.
About 40 people came and enjoyed our pot-luck Community Dinner, which even attracted our Mayor John Carey to share a meal with other sustainability-minded locals.  The variety and abundance of food was enough to keep everyone satisfied.

We rounded out the event with a dozen or so people staying to watch the latest movie by Transition Network called “In Transition 2.0”.  The film is an inspirational insight into Transition Town initiatives from around the world and how they are helping to build sustainable communities.

And how much waste did our Community Connect events produce?  Half a bag of landfill-destined waste, and 5 buckets of organic waste that will be composted at the North Perth Community Garden.

All 3 “mini-events” have inspired a number of new people to sign up to our Interest Groups, and we will be getting in contact with them shortly to begin further conversations about individual and community sustainability projects. 

Thanks to all those people that came along, and especially all the TTMH team that organized the event.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Movie Night

@ Foyer Oxford, 196 Oxford St, Leederville

Fortnightly community movie nights with TTMH are here! 
Grab yourself some dinner, pull up a beanbag or cushion, 
and join us for a free inspiring movie 
every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, 
starting in May 2016.

At 6pm on Wednesday 11 May 2016, there will be a special screening of ‘The Economics of Happiness’, a documentary about the worldwide movement for localization, held at Foyer Oxford, 196 Oxford Street, Leederville.   

Both hard‐hitting and inspiring, ‘The Economics of Happiness’ demonstrates that millions of people across the world are already engaged in building a better world – that small scale initiatives are happening on a large scale.

The film shows that countless initiatives are united around a common cause: rebuilding more democratic, human scale, ecological and local economies – the foundation of an ‘economics of happiness’.

The film features a chorus of voices from six continents calling for systemic economic change, including David Korten, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Rob Hopkins, Richard, Heinberg, Juliet Schor, Michael Shuman, Helena Norberg‐Hodge, and Samdhong Rinpoche ‐ the Prime Minister of Tibetʹs government in exile.

“A must‐see film for the future of the planet.” (Zac Goldsmith, Member of UK Parliament)

Event Details
Doors open 6pm. Movie starts at 7pm. Running time 68 min.
Bring your own food and drinks. Strictly no alcohol.
Stay for a discussion afterwards if you like.

Tickets (free) are available from  Eventbrite
Gold coin donation proceeds go to ISEC (International Society for Ecology and Culture).
 – no one turned away for lack of funds

For More Information
View the filmʹs website:
View the filmʹs trailer:

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Community Connect - Walk, Eat & Watch

Come along to Transition Town Mount Hawthorn's FREE mini-events, to be held on Saturday 7th May 2016 at Castellorizian House, 160 Anzac Rd, Mt Hawthorn.
There will be 3 mini-events, consisting of:

  1. Urban Sustainability Walk (from 4pm to 5.30pm) - see further description at the Jane's Walk website.
  2. Community Dinner (from 6pm to 7.30pm) - get your free tickets from EventBrite.
  3. Sustainability Movie "In Transition 2.0" (from 7.30pm to 8.30pm) - get your free tickets from EventBrite.

Chicken runs, veggie patches, worm farms, compost systems, cycle commuting and native gardens will all be on show in Transition Town Mount Hawthorn’s first ever Urban Sustainability Walk (a Jane's Walk event), starting at 4pm from Castellorizian House and finishing back at the starting point at around 5.30pm. 

Health chickens in the suburbs
Grow your own fruit and vegies
Stay afterwards for a Community Connect Dinner (a no waste event) where you will meet more like-minded locals and share a "pot luck" dinner with new friends.  Bring a dish along to share with other locals, and see how you might get involved in creating a more sustainable urban environment (for example, we have people interested in composting, fruit and vegetable gardening, cycle commuting, sewing, seed saving, natural cleaning products, native gardens, urban chickens, and much more).

Share a meal with like-minded locals
After dinner, stay and watch a short movie (1 hour duration) about the world-side movement of Transition Towns. "In Transition 2.0" is the new film from Transition Network, capturing inspiring stories of Transition initiatives around the world, responding to uncertain times with creativity, solutions and 'engaged optimism'.

Hidden gems in an urban environment

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Leederville 20/20 in Your Hands

If you are free tonight - Thursday 17 March, come along to listen to short tales of  Changemakers and Collectives.

It's their best in 6 mins and 40 seconds each

And our very own Transition Town member will be a speaker.

Come along for a pint and be inspired, tickets $5 from eventbrite or at the door

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Transforming my verge - Part 2

It has been one and a half years since I began transforming my verge by planting natives.

I am sad to report that it hasn't been as successful as I had hoped.

Most of the tube stock didn't survive the first summer - the only ones that did were these Eremophilas:

Newly planted tube stock.
One and a half years of growth (despite little care).

I did restock from the Friends of Kings Park native plant sale and City of Vincent's Local Native Plant Sale.

Sadly, most of those also didn't survive too well either but here is a photo of my verge currently:

Native verge Feb 2016

I'm not 100% certain but I think the following are the factors that contributed to plant deaths:

  1. Neglect from me - not watering regularly through summer.
  2. Dog pee - at least 3 plants killed.
  3. Being covered - I had another mountain of mulch delivered and they dumped all over 3 plants.
  4. Child using plant as trampoline - 1 victim.

I am working on Point 1 this summer but short of (temporarily) fencing off my verge, I am not sure what I can do about the other causes of fatalities.

Still, I am having fun - seeing some of them flourish and flower.  Come April, I will get more tubestock from the City of Vincent Local Native Plant sale to replace the dead plants.