Wednesday, 6 August 2014

21 August FREE seminar on 'Solar Design in a Changing Climate'

Please come along to our next seminar on Thursday 21 August at the Mt Hawthorn Community Centre, Lesser Hall from 6:30 for a 7pm start.
Hear Gerard Siero speak about  'Solar Design in a Changing Climate':

    "Gerard Siero is an ecological architect with 43 years industry experience, on projects ranging from ecological planning to public buildings, schools and housing, emphasising ecological design for sustainability, economy, life and delight, in thoughtful architecture integrated with landscape.  His practice has been based in Perth since 1985. 

    In nearly 10 years as WA Manager of Archicentre - Ask an Architect, through hundreds of media articles, lectures and presentations, Gerard became a trusted building industry voice and consumer advocate, advising on architecture, housing and sustainability issues.  GĂ©rard continues to educate on and explore sustainable, climate-responsive architecture, construction, planning and landscape, with an ecological perspective. 

    Architecture celebrates humanity and life - "Design with nature, design for Life".  Sites and clients are unique.  The aim is to create a place that reflects genius loci and the inhabitants, and harmonises the opportunities and challenges of the project towards creating something life giving, functional and beautiful.

    Gerard grew up in a beautiful, forested valley with a creek, cascades and waterfalls, alive with flowers, insects and animals - a sacred place, in the Aboriginal sense of the word… until a developer bulldozed everything, laying out spaghetti streets for ticky-tacky houses.  Appalled, Gerard’s life journey since has focussed on exploring better ways of relating and working with the Earth, by design, through organic architecture, sustainability and now PhD studies in ecological urbanism at UWA.

    Becoming a grandfather extends one’s perspective.  I care about “the children of all species for all time”.  Gerard’s community and professional activities have included the Australian Institute of Architects, Anglican EcoCare and church ministries, Kidsafe, Perth City Vision, Australian Earth Laws Alliance, Archicentre, Dads at Lifeline, speaking and music. 

    In studying the ecological and social crises we now face: climate, habitat and biodiversity losses, rather than disaster, Gerard sees ours as a time of amazing opportunity, of reconnection, relationship, equity, justice and wholeness … transforming our society and economy into life-giving relationships with the Earth and each other!"

Come along from 6:30 for a 7pm start. Please bring a plate of food to share. Refreshments will be provided. This is a free event, your donation is appreciated to cover the room hire.

Please share the event in your network and bring your family and friends along.
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