Thursday, 2 October 2014

Seeking Pre-Loved Jewellery Treasures

I was looking for that extra special his and her gift, something unique and sustainable.

So I decided to go pre-loved and old-school. It needed to be small, so my niece could pack in her suitcase and deliver to family in the States - for their big 50th birthdays.

This led me onto a fun treasure hunt, seeking out antique and vintage jewellery.

During my treasure travels, I fell for the Art Deco style and found many timeless pieces. I loved the strong repeating lines in cuff links and the elegant sleek curves in brooches. There was so much to seek and find, as I was tempted by bold colours and shapes of the 70’s; and the striking curved lizards from the 20’s.

I was eventually hooked on the classic Art Deco look as I felt these would be admired by my gift recipients too.

It was fun looking but sadly I found stores no longer on the map and visited some when they were closed!

As it is our aim to make it easier for you, here is a list of open antique – vintage stores with websites to find out their latest opening times[1]:

      I was feeling good: I had found treasures, supported local business and supported the earth's resources by re-using. So consider a pre-loved gift with some history and enjoy your next local treasure hunt.

      [1] Stores are listed by distance from our Mt Hawthorn hub, visited in September 2014 and included stores with jewellery (other than costume).


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