Wednesday, 26 November 2014

We decided to make a video: Update #1

Gabby and Alfred planning using a laptop.
We got together and did a bit more planning for TTMH's videos.

Storyboards were reviewed and home owners of sustainable houses were contacted, letting them know we will be shooting in the new year.
Two panels from the storyboard
Part of the storyboard

As video production is a new thing to us, we decided to trial using the recording gear on Kim - a fellow member of TTMH.

Kim is passionate in waste reduction and we will be producing a series of short videos about composting.

As always, feel free to give pose question - the trickier the better - as comments below.

If there ever were questions about composting and sustainable housing that you've always wanted to ask, now is the time!

We would still love to have help to create videos - see the first blog and comments if you can help.

By January, TTMH should be ready to launch our first video!

So keep an eye out :-)

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