Sunday, 11 January 2015

'No junk mail' signs and happy new year!

Happy 2015! We've got more 'no junk mail' signs to share!

Blog by Geoff and Lisa

A few years ago we were thinking about reducing junk mail and how amazing it would be to make our own 'no junk mail' signs to give out to our neighbours...

Last year we finally made a few and gave them out to people in the streets near our house. We met a bunch of lovely people who had the idea of forming Transition Town Mt Hawthorn. We're really grateful to say we received an environmental grant from the City of Vincent to print more 'no junk mail' signs... and now we're busy giving them out.

Together we hope to significantly reduce paper waste in Mt Hawthorn!

Thank you to the City of Vincent for our environmental grant and to Point Design for designing the signs.

We're delivering the 'no junk mail' signs to letterboxes around the neighbourhood and at local events. Please send us an email at if you'd like one or you would like to share them through your own networks like the school, local community and sports group, etc.

Other news
In other news, the native gardeners network is starting slowly. We are seeking advice from the Wildflower Society of WA and hope to have our first morning tea in early autumn.

Stay tuned for more news about Irma's urban chicken network too.


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  1. It is interesting now that we can ahead and make no junk mail signs for the post office. I did not know that you can request not receive junk mail. This is a great idea. Universal Printing