Thursday, 23 June 2016

A few comments about the screening of 'Project Wild Thing' on Wednesday 22 June... 

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the free screening of 'Project Wild Thing' last night. I loved this film, and it has already brought about some great positive change for me and my 3 year old son - it has inspired me to spend more time with him outdoors - even though it's Winter and I really really can't stand the cold!

While I was doing some research to create 'The Project Wild Thing 30 Day Challenge' (for parents in Perth, Western Austalia), I came across a great article titled 'There's No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes!' I realised how true this was and so last week I made a trip to the  'Wellington Surplus Store' in Perth.  I armed myself with thermal underwear, waterproof jackets and pants, warm jackets and gumboots (for both me and my son).  We're ready to go camping!

Here's the 30 day challenge I created... it's really just meant to give you some ideas and connect you to some great resources that are already available.  I can remember having some very spirited snail races when I was kid, holding leaves in front of the snails noses trying to get them to slide faster :) Happy playing!

The Project Wild Thing 30 Day Challenge

How many of these can you complete in the next 30 days?
Even if it’s just one… you’ll have lots of fun doing it J

1. Download the Wild Time App (great for some inspiration)
  - stage a snail race (search under ’30 minute’ activities)
     (you'll want to do this on your phone or tablet if you have one)

2. Visit Rio Tinto Naturescape Play Area at KingsPark (this place is AMAZING!)
    make a cubby in the cubby-building zone
    - or a mud pie at The Spring

3. Check out Nature Play WA (there are soooooo many ideas for things to do here)

 - get ‘Nature Play’ Passports for your kids
 - try a few things from the ‘WinterPlaylist’
 - download the list '51 Things to Do Before You're 12'
 - take your kids hiking (here are some easy day hikes for kids)

4. Visit a nature playground you’ve never been to before
Here are some well-known (and not so well-known), nearby (and one not so nearby) ones:
 - Braithwaite Park, Mt Hawthorn
 - Oxford St Reserve, Leederville
  - Variety Place, Kings Park
 - Russell Brown Adventure Park, Mosman Park  

5. Go camping for a night - you don’t have to go far!
 - Read this blog written by a busy non-camper's experience camping in the Perth Hills

Please share your experiences in the comments section below if you decide to take on this challenge, and don’t forget to let us know about any new ideas you have to share too! J